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Charles Davis
  • Consumer cautionEconomic recovery is continuing but there is uncertainty in the UK ahead of the general election and consumers may be bracing themselves for more tough times
  • New year, new fortunes?In election year growth is expected to slow, but households will get a real boost from an increase in household spending
  • New direction?Businesses willing to try something new are emerging ahead of the economic curve, but political uncertainties could create a kink in the road to recovery
  • Will interest rates rise?As the UK economy continues to recover, how much closer has the Bank of England come to boosting interest rates? And how will the effects of this ripple across the economy?


Philip Graves
  • The dream teen marketTeen crazes spread like wildfire, but how can marketers trigger them? Discover how to spark a teen trend that lasts
  • Taking a standIs your brand ethically bulletproof or, like most of your customers, do you want to seem nice without making much effort?
  • Trust issuesWho do you trust? Market research about the brands we claim to trust or mistrust isn't always backed up by our behaviour
  • Tribal brand loyaltyWhat makes customers love a brand the way they would idolise a rock star?

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