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The Marketer


  • New CIM qualifications explained“Change has always been on the agenda, but never has it been quite so profound.”  I'm hearing this a lot recently, and it's right – the pace of change just continues to increase. It made great sense...


Charles Davis
  • Brighter timesThe economic weather is now improving across all the UK, but is shining brightest over London and the South East
  • Digital economyThe recession has driven a fast pace of change and digital has put the spring back in the step of the UK economy
  • Happy days?The housing market has played a majorrole in the UK economic upswing over the past year, but could slow salary growth and interest rate increases knock the wind out of consumers' sails?
  • Boxing cleverMid-sized brands have emerged fighting fit from the recession and are ready to take on larger, but less nimble, rivals


Philip Graves
  • The truth about liesWhy do people lie online? Whether it's on social media, in market research groups or product reviews, evolutionary drivers can tempt us all to be dishonest
  • Too good to be trueIf your mate can't afford a Rolex, that's probably not a genuine one on his wrist so what is it that persuades punters to knowingly purchase luxury fakes?
  • Best behaviourConsumers are unlikely to change buying habits simply because they are told it is somehow better to do so. Marketers need to understand what is driving behaviour before they can change it

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