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The Marketer


  • Growing the African marketOut of the newly coined “MINT” economies, Nigeria is regularly cited as the biggest opportunity for brands. The growing potential of Africa could be described as the worst kept economic secret since...
  • I'm a shopper – get me out of here!If you're struggling with the difference between your RDAs and your RIs, fear not – you're not alone. More than half of UK consumers think the nutritional information on food and drink packaging is...
  • Roses are red …. but marketers are missing a trickThough it's not an official holiday, Valentine's Day contributed £11bn in revenue to the US economy in 2013. It seems that men spend on average £70 on a gift – almost twice as much as women and this...
  • The move to digital: jumping the gun?At some point in recent years, it became universally acknowledged that print is a dying medium. As the world moved to digital-by-default, the unquestioned consensus emerged that we would all...


Charles Davis
  • Happy days?The housing market has played a majorrole in the UK economic upswing over the past year, but could slow salary growth and interest rate increases knock the wind out of consumers' sails?
  • Boxing cleverMid-sized brands have emerged fighting fit from the recession and are ready to take on larger, but less nimble, rivals
  • Down with the depressionFive years after the Lehman debacle, the UK economy is starting to get back on its feet, not least because consumers have now had enough doom and gloom
  • Are marketers right?The UK economy is slowly recovering but what will happen after the next election, and should marketers be confident about future growth?


Philip Graves
  • Too good to be trueIf your mate can't afford a Rolex, that's probably not a genuine one on his wrist so what is it that persuades punters to knowingly purchase luxury fakes?
  • Best behaviourConsumers are unlikely to change buying habits simply because they are told it is somehow better to do so. Marketers need to understand what is driving behaviour before they can change it
  • Your attention pleaseUnconscious factors often play the biggest part in buying decisions, despite marketers' best efforts which is why we can end up with things we don't want
  • First impressionsSeeing the world with your customer's mindset is not easy, but tiny changes in environment and association can trigger the success or failure of your brand

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