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  • Top tips for safeguarding corporate reputationSafeguarding your brand's reputation is much easier than damage limitation, says Jennifer Janson, author of The Reputation Playbook. Read her tips for foolproof reputation management The importance...
  • Customer willpower: why it mattersThe chances are that you're reading this when you should really be doing something else. I know better than to think that, at this moment in time, reading a blog on customer psychology is the most...
  • How to market a negativeBuyers always want to feel good about the choices they make; they want to find products or services that will improve their lives in some way. So marketers often frame communications in a positive...
  • Real-time marketing: to bite or not to biteBrands and the marketers, comms specialists and PRs that marshal, guide and protect them are now living within an “always on” social media ecosystem. Long gone are 9 to 5 office hours; for social...


Charles Davis
  • New direction?Businesses willing to try something new are emerging ahead of the economic curve, but political uncertainties could create a kink in the road to recovery
  • Will interest rates rise?As the UK economy continues to recover, how much closer has the Bank of England come to boosting interest rates? And how will the effects of this ripple across the economy?
  • Brighter timesThe economic weather is now improving across all the UK, but is shining brightest over London and the South East
  • Digital economyThe recession has driven a fast pace of change and digital has put the spring back in the step of the UK economy


Philip Graves
  • Trust issuesWho do you trust? Market research about the brands we claim to trust or mistrust isn't always backed up by our behaviour
  • Tribal brand loyaltyWhat makes customers love a brand the way they would idolise a rock star?
  • The truth about liesWhy do people lie online? Whether it's on social media, in market research groups or product reviews, evolutionary drivers can tempt us all to be dishonest
  • Too good to be trueIf your mate can't afford a Rolex, that's probably not a genuine one on his wrist so what is it that persuades punters to knowingly purchase luxury fakes?

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