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The Marketer

Return on investment in marketing

Articles on metrics and pricing, including specific campaign case studies, company profiles examining marketing’s bottom-line contribution, evaluation of digital channels for ROI, budget bargains for SMEs, brand asset evaluation, pricing and discounting

  • Case study: Lonely Planet Case study: Lonely PlanetWhen Lonely Planet began to lose ground in the city guide sector, a fresh and revamped route to market was required
  • Knowledge is powerA surfeit of surveillance seems to have become the new religion of western capitalism, but can 'big data' deliver where Big Brother failed? Justine East discusses how marketers can handle the data explosion
  • Against the oddsConsumer protection regulation and codes of conduct can be a ball and chain for marketers in some sectors. John Manning looks at how alcohol, food, legal services and pharmaceuticals marketers can promote products both creatively and responsibly
  • Case study: Aeroinv.comWhen Aero Inventory's brand reputation crashed to an all-time low, a rebranding campaign gave the company the boost it needed to lift off once more
  • Case study: XeroxWith a little juggling of resources, Xerox created a 
buzz at the Drupa print fair in Düsseldorf via a 
social media café and acrobat performers
  • How to make the most of promotional merchandise and giveawaysFrom tradeshow handouts to prize draws and digital downloads, free gifts can open the door to ongoing engagement and online buzz, says John Manning
  • Walk the talkBeing customer-centric means looking after the people who buy from you a simple, desirable goal. But in an ever more complex world of software and social media, true customer-centricity that goes beyond rhetoric is no mean feat. Dan Matthews finds out why
  • How to use market research toolsWhether it's traditional surveys or tailor-made digital programmes, there are many ways to glean customer insight. But, as Kate Hilpern discovers, it's the actions you take in response to the findings that really matter
  • In it to win it?In the race to understand and effectively deploy social media, many marketers feel they're falling behind when it comes to exploiting its potential as a tool for gathering market research data. So what's the best way to tackle this obstacle?
  • Case study: PowwownowTeleconferencing provider Powwownow found that its tongue-in-cheek B2B campaign lampooning corporate fat cats boosted revenue and courted controversy
  • 5 views you won't want to skipOnline video publishers are empowering consumers by allowing them to opt out of preroll advertising, but is this really a concern for brands?
  • 5 ways the cookie crumbledThe much maligned 
EU regulation of online 
tracking came into force in 
the UK in May but was it 
really worth all the fuss?
  • Case study: Yorkshire WaterYorkshire Water found that playing on the region's reputation for thrift in the form of two savvy pensioners paid off in its value for money campaign
  • How to continue consumer conversations out-of-homeForget broadcasting: high-tech physical touch points mean brands can now converse with consumers in the great outdoors, John Manning discovers
  • How to revive your direct mail marketingTried and tested performers are more popular than ever when budgets are scant, and direct mail despite its cost is an old favourite that is outstripping expectations, Trevor Clawson discovers
  • Case study: The National TrustThe National Trust wanted to dust off its stuffy image with a campaign aimed at breathing new life into family weekends
  • 5 real time tip-offsReal time bidding may sound like the latest Ladbrokes roll out but in reality it's an auction for trading online display space in real time, reports John Manning
  • 5 e-shot timing tipsE-mail marketers must perfect the timing of their delivery if they are to avoid their campaigns being booed off stage
  • Here today...The British summer is always awash with seasonal bargains, but marketers need to decide whether time-sensitive offers and campaigns are essential to their business - or a short-sighted tactic with short-term benefits, says Rob Gray
  • Martin Moll, Honda UKHonda's Martin Moll is determined to steer the Japanese brand ahead of the competition and away from the motor industry's troubles
  • Target ChinaThese days it's surely not a letter from America but a tweet from China that tells the world's marketers what they need to know - except that the Chinese don't use Twitter
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