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The Marketer

Psychology in marketing

Including articles on neuromarketing, subliminal messaging, branding, the psychology of customer decision making, gender psychology, the effects of music, smell, colour and environment on customers, social marketing for behaviour change and psychology for management and motivation

  • Philip Graves New year, new marketing opportunityA new year drives a desire for change in people, providing marketers with an ideal opportunity to tempt consumers with fresh habit-forming products
  • Once upon an adAdvertising has come to resemble Neverland as 
fairytale characters and fantasy themes come to life in brand 
campaigns. But can a spell of magic in marketing enchant consumers?
  • Promoting yourselfThe journey towards chief marketing officer can be a tough one but what are the character traits that help you reach this career peak and how can aspiring marketers improve their chances of making it to the top?
  • Once the flame is outIn the post-Games gloom, luxury goods could enjoy a boost from 2012 reminders, while other products may do better putting the Olympics behind them
  • Choose any colour so long as it's blackWhen Henry Ford famously told customers the choice of colour on the Model T Ford was no choice, he was actually offering great customer service
  • Don't count on the customerWhen it comes to making ethical choices, customers need brands to take the lead
  • The magic wordNot only does experimentation in marketing provide a reality check, it also increases your brand understanding, allowing for more daring creativity
  • A price pain panacea?A discount may seem like the best way to alleviate price pain, but taking your customer's mind off price altogether 
is much more likely to do the trick
  • 4 levels of gamificationBrands are turning to play to keep customers engaged, but as hype is replaced by reality is it game on or game over? John Manning finds out
  • POS persuasionWe've all changed our minds at the checkout - and that's why point of sale promotion is such a crucial retail marketing tool, says Kate Hilpern
  • Case study: CarlsbergCarlsberg looked to pioneering technology to discover what stands out in the cluttered pub environment
  • The perfect brainstormGetting together to generate ideas may be the obvious approach, but people are often most creative when they are left to brainstorm alone... by Jonathan Plucker
  • Decisive scienceMarketers have been applying the wisdom of science for years often without realising it. TM uncovers hard evidence to support behavioural economics and outlines the psychological triggers that can coax punters to part with their cash
  • Shop-ologyThe science of retail has arrived. Marketers who've dreamed of getting under their 
customers' skin can now do just that, with an array of gadgets to measure unconscious reactions
  • Mark Earls, author of ''Herd''Forget the Anglo Saxon concept of the individual and treat your target market as herd animals that copy one another, says Mark Earls, author of Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing our True Nature
  • How to push the brain's buy buttonSubliminal marketing messages have long caused moral unease, but there are plenty of legitimate motivational methods for marketers to explore
  • Martin Lindstrom, author of ''Buy-ology''Branding consultant and author of Buy-ology, Lindstrom based his book about neuromarketing on a study sponsored by GSK, Fremantle, Hakuhodo and five other undisclosed backers, with research carried out by Dr Gemma Calvert and Professor Richard Silberstein

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