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Management strategy in marketing

Including articles on management strategy from overseas expansion to budgeting, from brand positioning to reputation, as well as account handling, leadership and teamwork, career development and marketing managers’ diaries

  • John Stubbings Build up your community of brand fansBy engaging a following that goes beyond your customer base with useful content, you can create a bond 
between businesses and your brand... by John Stubbings
  • Knowledge is powerA surfeit of surveillance seems to have become the new religion of western capitalism, but can 'big data' deliver where Big Brother failed? Justine East discusses how marketers can handle the data explosion
  • Simon Carter, FujitsuFujitsu has harnessed a new marketing strategy, but is it enough to beat tough competition and win B2B market share? Marketing director Simon Carter reveals why the brand is in gunslinging mode
  • Annabel Pritchard, DeloitteDeloitte is one of the largest global professional service companies, but does it have the marketing strategy to match? Brand and marketing director Annabel Pritchard says Deloitte is striving to be a brand less ordinary
  • Against the oddsConsumer protection regulation and codes of conduct can be a ball and chain for marketers in some sectors. John Manning looks at how alcohol, food, legal services and pharmaceuticals marketers can promote products both creatively and responsibly
  • Promoting yourselfThe journey towards chief marketing officer can be a tough one but what are the character traits that help you reach this career peak and how can aspiring marketers improve their chances of making it to the top?
  • Walk the talkBeing customer-centric means looking after the people who buy from you a simple, desirable goal. But in an ever more complex world of software and social media, true customer-centricity that goes beyond rhetoric is no mean feat. Dan Matthews finds out why
  • My week: Stewart PedlerDirector of operations, global creative services, Thomson Reuters
  • Philip Clement, AonAon is embracing teamwork on a global scale to deliver winning results for its clients
  • In it to win it?In the race to understand and effectively deploy social media, many marketers feel they're falling behind when it comes to exploiting its potential as a tool for gathering market research data. So what's the best way to tackle this obstacle?
  • Alistair Macrow, McDonald'sMcDonald's marketing vice-president Alistair Macrow has a super sized marketing strategy to silence critics and pioneer
an image as the
 people's restaurant
  • Rupert Englander, NokiaRupert Englander is helping Nokia to regain ground in the smartphone race by focusing on apps
  • Kristy McCready, Molson CoorsBrewer Molson Coors has created a new beer called Animée to target an untapped female market worth £160m. TM quizzes communications partner Kristy McCready about whether it will hit the right taste notes or fall flat
  • Travel: will it still fly?The global travel sector has been buffeted by a storm 
of negative influences ranging from disease and natural disasters to high oil prices and political upheaval. With holidays being viewed once again as a luxury, can marketing help the travel industry regain its wings?
  • My day: Rob AttrydeMarketing communications manager at printer firm Kyocera Mita
  • My day: Pio SzyjanowiczHead of marketing at global technology group Cosworth
  • House of cardsInternal marketing is a tricky game to master and carefully constructed plans can quickly tumble. Kate Hilpern explains how marketers can ensure they play a winning hand
  • Craig Inglis, John LewisWholesome British retailer John Lewis has defied economic gloom to remain the nation's favourite department store. Marketing director Craig Inglis explains why nice guys don't always finish last
  • Robert Price, AtosGlobal IT outsourcing firm Atos has announced plans to make its internal communications e-mail free by the end of 2013, as part of a policy to enhance its reputation, drive recruitment and streamline interactions. Managing partner Robert Price has the tough job of marketing this policy to employees
  • Kay Boycott, ShelterThe spectre of homelessness looms large this year; Kay Boycott will be working to ensure that Shelter's messages of awareness, help and advice hit home
  • United we standMarketing and sales need to bury the hatchet. In David Thorp's full version of this abridged paper, 'Marketing and sales fusion', CIM seeks to begin a dialogue with marketers and sales professionals by setting out a case for aligning the marketing and sales functions more closely
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