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Including articles on e-mail, covering segmented, personalised and event-triggered e-mail, e-mail for mobile, e-mail campaign software, e-mail design and e-mail analytics; telemarketing, covering B2B incentive schemes, CRM and managing touchpoints and sales team support; direct mail, covering environmental concerns, ROI, data management, creative concepts and demographic targeting

  • 5 mobile messagesA mobile is a personal device and by invading this space with untargeted ads marketers risk cutting consumers off permanently, writes John Manning
  • How to revive your direct mail marketingTried and tested performers are more popular than ever when budgets are scant, and direct mail despite its cost is an old favourite that is outstripping expectations, Trevor Clawson discovers
  • Opting in to best practice with e-mail dataWhen it comes to e-mail data, recommendations and warnings abound. It can be difficult for marketers to understand what the law actually specifies regarding e-mail marketing to consumers, says Mark Smith
  • Opting in to best practice with e-mail data-testWhen it comes to e-mail data, recommendations and warnings abound. It can be difficult for marketers to understand what the law actually specifies regarding e-mail marketing to consumers, says Mark Smith
  • More than mobileMobile is changing the way we use the internet. Apps and the ubiquity of mobiles give marketers a wealth of opportunities, but are we exploiting them, asks CIM's Mark Blayney Stuart in this abridged version of It's Not Just a Phone: a Future of Mobile Marketing
  • 5 e-shot timing tipsE-mail marketers must perfect the timing of their delivery if they are to avoid their campaigns being booed off stage
  • Case study: Barclaycard FreedomBarclaycard Freedom reaped the reward of new local business partners with its loyalty scheme launch
  • Martin Moll, Honda UKHonda's Martin Moll is determined to steer the Japanese brand ahead of the competition and away from the motor industry's troubles
  • Target ChinaThese days it's surely not a letter from America but a tweet from China that tells the world's marketers what they need to know - except that the Chinese don't use Twitter
  • The right route for direct marketingWith consumer behaviours becoming ever more complex amid the explosion of mobile media, it's hard to know which channels will ensure a robust ROI. Kate Hilpern discovers how to create a healthy mix
  • How to manage and market eventsWhat should you do to hold the perfect conference, fundraiser dinner or exhibit at an expo event, asks Kate Hilpern
  • Case study: Which?In the e-news tug of war between frequency and staying fresh, Which? tried to tip the balance
  • Clicks to cashAll-singing, all-dancing software systems make it easy to forget that, whether you're in B2B or B2C marketing, it's not gimmicks or gizmos but conversions that make a truly successful e-mail
  • The 20 minute course in... direct mailE-mail or snail mail one mistake is enough to render it junk to your audience. But careful copywriting and design will help you get the best results
  • Case study: The Campaign CompanySeaside sauciness spiced up The Campaign Company's B2B postcard initiative
  • How to get results with e-mailWhether chasing business customers or consumers, honing an e-campaign can boost returns and ensure you don't miss out on the benefits of e-mail marketing
  • Hard timesThe recession is causing donations to dwindle as people conform to the old adage that charity starts at home
  • Coupon comebackVouchers and loyalty schemes are making a comeback, with new technology transforming the previously thrifty trait of coupon collecting into a cutting-edge customer favourite
  • Mark Thomson, Royal MailMedia director Mark Thomson is dusting off and buffing up the Royal Mail brand. He is delivering a marketing package that, with its B2B focus and innovative use of direct mail, could revive the postal service
  • Puppy loveDevoted pet owners lapped up the chance to coo over cute pooches when Petplan launched a new online campaign, using e-mail as its bait.
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