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Including marketing articles on social networks, e-mail, mobile, apps and location based marketing, viral marketing, gaming, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, video, QR codes, virtual retail, m-tail and e-tail, software, web design and optimisation, and analytics


  • 5 top trends for 2013 Top trends for 2013What does the year ahead hold in store for the ever-evolving world of digital technology?
  • Putting your foot in itOne man's idiom is another man's insult in today's politically correct world, so how can marketers avoid causing unintentional offence?
  • Knowledge is powerA surfeit of surveillance seems to have become the new religion of western capitalism, but can 'big data' deliver where Big Brother failed? Justine East discusses how marketers can handle the data explosion
  • How to make content marketing work for youIf you don't use it to sell and keep it authentic and high quality, content marketing can be a great way to build customer loyalty, discovers Kate Hilpern
  • Case study: Aeroinv.comWhen Aero Inventory's brand reputation crashed to an all-time low, a rebranding campaign gave the company the boost it needed to lift off once more
  • 5 trust winning tacticsBusinesses must think beyond Google bots to build a trusted online brand
  • Case study: XeroxWith a little juggling of resources, Xerox created a 
buzz at the Drupa print fair in Düsseldorf via a 
social media café and acrobat performers
  • How to make the most of promotional merchandise and giveawaysFrom tradeshow handouts to prize draws and digital downloads, free gifts can open the door to ongoing engagement and online buzz, says John Manning
  • How to use market research toolsWhether it's traditional surveys or tailor-made digital programmes, there are many ways to glean customer insight. But, as Kate Hilpern discovers, it's the actions you take in response to the findings that really matter
  • 5 views you won't want to skipOnline video publishers are empowering consumers by allowing them to opt out of preroll advertising, but is this really a concern for brands?
  • In it to win it?In the race to understand and effectively deploy social media, many marketers feel they're falling behind when it comes to exploiting its potential as a tool for gathering market research data. So what's the best way to tackle this obstacle?
  • 5 ways the cookie crumbledThe much maligned 
EU regulation of online 
tracking came into force in 
the UK in May but was it 
really worth all the fuss?
  • 5 mobile messagesA mobile is a personal device and by invading this space with untargeted ads marketers risk cutting consumers off permanently, writes John Manning
  • Space-age odysseyTraditional media business models will never be the same again. From e-book erotica to dedicated YouTube channels, marketers are setting sail for a brave new digital world
  • Rupert Englander, NokiaRupert Englander is helping Nokia to regain ground in the smartphone race by focusing on apps
  • Kristy McCready, Molson CoorsBrewer Molson Coors has created a new beer called Animée to target an untapped female market worth £160m. TM quizzes communications partner Kristy McCready about whether it will hit the right taste notes or fall flat
  • How to continue consumer conversations out-of-homeForget broadcasting: high-tech physical touch points mean brands can now converse with consumers in the great outdoors, John Manning discovers
  • Robert Price, AtosGlobal IT outsourcing firm Atos has announced plans to make its internal communications e-mail free by the end of 2013, as part of a policy to enhance its reputation, drive recruitment and streamline interactions. Managing partner Robert Price has the tough job of marketing this policy to employees
  • Cookie monsterWith no cookie trail to show them the way, marketers could find themselves as lost in the woods as Hansel and Gretel when EU regulation on online tracking comes into force in May
  • 5 real time tip-offsReal time bidding may sound like the latest Ladbrokes roll out but in reality it's an auction for trading online display space in real time, reports John Manning
  • 5 social advertising endorsementsAdvertising on social 
media offers brands the 
tantalising prospect of having it 
all by micro-marketing to a mass audience, reports John Manning
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