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The Marketer

Customer marketing

Including marketing articles on customer relationship management (CRM) and market research, identifying and generating customer demand, customer services, customer acquisition and retention, customer psychology and customer engagement


  • Simon Carter, FujitsuFujitsu has harnessed a new marketing strategy, but is it enough to beat tough competition and win B2B market share? Marketing director Simon Carter reveals why the brand is in gunslinging mode
  • Annabel Pritchard, DeloitteDeloitte is one of the largest global professional service companies, but does it have the marketing strategy to match? Brand and marketing director Annabel Pritchard says Deloitte is striving to be a brand less ordinary
  • My week: Stewart PedlerDirector of operations, global creative services, Thomson Reuters
  • Walk the talkBeing customer-centric means looking after the people who buy from you a simple, desirable goal. But in an ever more complex world of software and social media, true customer-centricity that goes beyond rhetoric is no mean feat. Dan Matthews finds out why
  • How to use market research toolsWhether it's traditional surveys or tailor-made digital programmes, there are many ways to glean customer insight. But, as Kate Hilpern discovers, it's the actions you take in response to the findings that really matter
  • Alistair Macrow, McDonald'sMcDonald's marketing vice-president Alistair Macrow has a super sized marketing strategy to silence critics and pioneer
an image as the
 people's restaurant
  • Craig Inglis, John LewisWholesome British retailer John Lewis has defied economic gloom to remain the nation's favourite department store. Marketing director Craig Inglis explains why nice guys don't always finish last
  • Cookie monsterWith no cookie trail to show them the way, marketers could find themselves as lost in the woods as Hansel and Gretel when EU regulation on online tracking comes into force in May
  • 5 social advertising endorsementsAdvertising on social 
media offers brands the 
tantalising prospect of having it 
all by micro-marketing to a mass audience, reports John Manning
  • How to win your customers' loyaltyBudgets are tight and delivering value for money has never been harder, yet customers are more likely than ever to shop around hanging on to your market share right now is all about loyalty, says Jon Severs
  • Opting in to best practice with e-mail dataWhen it comes to e-mail data, recommendations and warnings abound. It can be difficult for marketers to understand what the law actually specifies regarding e-mail marketing to consumers, says Mark Smith
  • Opting in to best practice with e-mail data-testWhen it comes to e-mail data, recommendations and warnings abound. It can be difficult for marketers to understand what the law actually specifies regarding e-mail marketing to consumers, says Mark Smith
  • 4 levels of gamificationBrands are turning to play to keep customers engaged, but as hype is replaced by reality is it game on or game over? John Manning finds out
  • An ageless strategyTargeting consumers based on age has long been a default approach for marketers, but is it time to ditch demographic profiling, or is age more important than ever in the digital era?
  • Joe Beek, Channel 4As Ofcom opens the door to product placement on UK television, Channel 4 commercial research manager Joe Beek explains why he believes product placement is the way forward
  • How to use gift cards for marketingGift cards have never been more popular with consumers and businesses wanting to reward staff. But is a gift card strategy a money spinner or a dud? Kate Hilpern finds out how marketers in the B2C and B2B arenas are using the latest gift card technology
  • The new RomanticsWhether it's growing your own herbs or slaving over the perfect cupcake, rustic and home-grown pursuits are back in vogue. Rob Gray finds out how marketers 
can tap into the back-to-nature and crafts trends
  • Twitter terrorismWhat's the number one risk factor for your business? A supply bottleneck? A manufacturing fault? Cashflow? Most business risks are manageable, but now there's one that can rage out of control in seconds - social media
  • Gail Hanlon, IntelGail Hanlon of Intel hopes to trounce rivals and silence doubters by seizing a chunk of the mobile market and tapping global youth culture
  • Case study: NHS NorthamptonshireNHS Northamptonshire cut its teeth on a seductive social media campaign to lure young people to their local dentist
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