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Creative marketing

Including articles on broadcast advertising, communications and PR, copywriting, innovation, idea-generation skills and product development, display advertising and guerrilla marketing


  • Case study: CitybusPlymouth's Citybus wanted to get a younger audience on board with a campaign to drive awareness of its cutting edge new app
  • Life boosting marketingThe British Red Cross campaign Life. Live it resuscitated the image of first aid and won a CIM Marketing Excellence Award
  • Marketing ZenPeople worldwide are on a quest to revitalise the mind, body and spirit. As the wellbeing trend continues to flourish, Muireann Bolger looks at how both B2B and B2C marketing can create a positive 
energy around feel-good brands
  • Once upon an adAdvertising has come to resemble Neverland as 
fairytale characters and fantasy themes come to life in brand 
campaigns. But can a spell of magic in marketing enchant consumers?
  • How to make the most of promotional merchandise and giveawaysFrom tradeshow handouts to prize draws and digital downloads, free gifts can open the door to ongoing engagement and online buzz, says John Manning
  • Jonathan Gabay, author of The Brand MessiahAuthor and former creative marketing group head at Saatchi & Saatchi Direct, Gabay has written The Brand Messiah a novel about marketing. TM asks why he penned a modern parable about the marketing profession's dark side
  • Early adoptersPre-schoolers have never been busier. Muireann Bolger asks how marketers can channel their creative inner child to tap into this competitive market of early hobby adopters
  • Case study: PowwownowTeleconferencing provider Powwownow found that its tongue-in-cheek B2B campaign lampooning corporate fat cats boosted revenue and courted controversy
  • Case study: Yorkshire WaterYorkshire Water found that playing on the region's reputation for thrift in the form of two savvy pensioners paid off in its value for money campaign
  • Space-age odysseyTraditional media business models will never be the same again. From e-book erotica to dedicated YouTube channels, marketers are setting sail for a brave new digital world
  • Case study: The National TrustThe National Trust wanted to dust off its stuffy image with a campaign aimed at breathing new life into family weekends
  • Case study: Malaria No More UKThe Malaria No More UK digital campaign aimed to create a buzz about the disease to encourage UK residents to support its target of zero malaria deaths by 2015
  • Child's playLooking for an easy way to generate profit? Thanks to IP licensing, merchandising spin-offs for children can now make you megabucks
  • Carrie Hindmarsh, M&C SaatchiHaving smashed through the glass ceiling to become joint chief executive at M&C Saatchi, Carrie Hindmarsh says gender politics shouldn't distract women hoping to rise in the notoriously masculine advertising agency world. TM quizzed her on the agency's founding principle of 'Brutal simplicity'
  • Case study: FutureYouFutureYou's pro bono campaign sought to save Britain's young people from life on the scrapheap
  • Role PaysTo innovate most effectively organisations should shift from a stage based process to assigning key roles to individuals... by Philip Kotler and Fernado Trías de Bes
  • 21 ways to innovateContinuous innovation isn't easy, especially if you rely on the same method for ideas. Rethink the way you innovate by using these tips
  • Creative communicationsCreative communications refers to the design and delivery of promotional messages through a range of channels including print media, direct mail, TV, radio, online and outdoor
  • When ideas collideSome of the greatest new business thinking has come about by blending seemingly incompatible...
  • The new RomanticsWhether it's growing your own herbs or slaving over the perfect cupcake, rustic and home-grown pursuits are back in vogue. Rob Gray finds out how marketers 
can tap into the back-to-nature and crafts trends
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