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Articles on brand message and brand management and brand valuation, corporate culture, logos, slogans, market positioning, cross-cultural branding and more from a range of industries in the B2B and B2C sectors

  • Simon Carter, FujitsuFujitsu has harnessed a new marketing strategy, but is it enough to beat tough competition and win B2B market share? Marketing director Simon Carter reveals why the brand is in gunslinging mode
  • How to make content marketing work for youIf you don't use it to sell and keep it authentic and high quality, content marketing can be a great way to build customer loyalty, discovers Kate Hilpern
  • Once upon an adAdvertising has come to resemble Neverland as 
fairytale characters and fantasy themes come to life in brand 
campaigns. But can a spell of magic in marketing enchant consumers?
  • Annabel Pritchard, DeloitteDeloitte is one of the largest global professional service companies, but does it have the marketing strategy to match? Brand and marketing director Annabel Pritchard says Deloitte is striving to be a brand less ordinary
  • How to make the most of promotional merchandise and giveawaysFrom tradeshow handouts to prize draws and digital downloads, free gifts can open the door to ongoing engagement and online buzz, says John Manning
  • Jonathan Gabay, author of The Brand MessiahAuthor and former creative marketing group head at Saatchi & Saatchi Direct, Gabay has written The Brand Messiah a novel about marketing. TM asks why he penned a modern parable about the marketing profession's dark side
  • Philip Clement, AonAon is embracing teamwork on a global scale to deliver winning results for its clients
  • 5 views you won't want to skipOnline video publishers are empowering consumers by allowing them to opt out of preroll advertising, but is this really a concern for brands?
  • Early adoptersPre-schoolers have never been busier. Muireann Bolger asks how marketers can channel their creative inner child to tap into this competitive market of early hobby adopters
  • Alistair Macrow, McDonald'sMcDonald's marketing vice-president Alistair Macrow has a super sized marketing strategy to silence critics and pioneer
an image as the
 people's restaurant
  • Rupert Englander, NokiaRupert Englander is helping Nokia to regain ground in the smartphone race by focusing on apps
  • 5 mobile messagesA mobile is a personal device and by invading this space with untargeted ads marketers risk cutting consumers off permanently, writes John Manning
  • How to continue consumer conversations out-of-homeForget broadcasting: high-tech physical touch points mean brands can now converse with consumers in the great outdoors, John Manning discovers
  • Kristy McCready, Molson CoorsBrewer Molson Coors has created a new beer called Animée to target an untapped female market worth £160m. TM quizzes communications partner Kristy McCready about whether it will hit the right taste notes or fall flat
  • Robert Price, AtosGlobal IT outsourcing firm Atos has announced plans to make its internal communications e-mail free by the end of 2013, as part of a policy to enhance its reputation, drive recruitment and streamline interactions. Managing partner Robert Price has the tough job of marketing this policy to employees
  • House of cardsInternal marketing is a tricky game to master and carefully constructed plans can quickly tumble. Kate Hilpern explains how marketers can ensure they play a winning hand
  • Craig Inglis, John LewisWholesome British retailer John Lewis has defied economic gloom to remain the nation's favourite department store. Marketing director Craig Inglis explains why nice guys don't always finish last
  • Food fightThe battle for share of plate in the fresh produce B2B and B2C market requires a marketing recipe that's seasonal, fashionable, healthy and good value. Asparagus was a rare delicacy 10 years ago. Only 2 per cent of households ate it during the short season. Chefs never mentioned it. Why would they the only way to eat it was steamed with a drizzle of melted butter. Yet today household penetration has risen to more than 16 per cent.
  • Child's playLooking for an easy way to generate profit? Thanks to IP licensing, merchandising spin-offs for children can now make you megabucks
  • Carrie Hindmarsh, M&C SaatchiHaving smashed through the glass ceiling to become joint chief executive at M&C Saatchi, Carrie Hindmarsh says gender politics shouldn't distract women hoping to rise in the notoriously masculine advertising agency world. TM quizzed her on the agency's founding principle of 'Brutal simplicity'
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