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  • Build up your community of brand fans By engaging a following that goes beyond your customer base with useful content, you can create a bond 
between businesses and your brand... by John Stubbings
  • Roll over Apple Game-changing innovation worthy of the Apple iPod lies within the reach of every marketer if we listen to customers and use our imagination... by David Thorp
  • Listen, influence - and learn The twittersphere provides marketers with an unmissable opportunity to develop their personal career brand alongside their company's offering... by Willem Smit
  • Life's soap opera If your aim is to change the behaviour of a social group, a set of soap opera characters and scenarios could help you score a few marketing goals... by John Marks
  • The currency of customer participation Becoming a social business could well be your passport to genuine customer kudos if your brand content can be flexible enough to meet users' needs... by Sean Moffitt
  • The perfect brainstorm Getting together to generate ideas may be the obvious approach, but people are often most creative when they are left to brainstorm alone... by Jonathan Plucker
  • I'd like to thank my agent Before settling on a market research agency ensure the insights they claim to provide are not just limp platitudes... by David Smith and Adam Riley
  • B2B is still person to person Most B2B companies highlight the importance of customer service but few understand how to deliver value effectively without simply adding cost... by Cindy Barnes
  • A healthy bang for your buck Despite planned public sector cost savings, a marketing-led approach could help the NHS and others deliver efficient services to the hard to reach... by Keith Austin
  • Standard behaviour A new benchmark recognises brands as valuable assets, meaning their management can now... by David Haigh
  • A design that clicks In the last issue author Gerry McGovern argued online marketing should be ultility led. But Gary Shenk believes great creative work is essential
  • From getting attention to giving attention Online customers are not emotional the web is a very rational, literate place where words really matter in marketing... by Gerry McGovern
  • Knowing when the price is right Whether the benefits you offer are functional or emotional, they're all crucial to protecting price as part of your overall value proposition... by Chris Ashworth
  • How stretchy is your brand? Is your brand supple enough to accommodate additional products? If you risk stretching a known brand too far it could be safer to create a new one ...by Joe Tradii
  • Cash cow or corporate headache? It is often difficult to see beyond the risk to brand reputation that social networks pose, but with a strategy of engagement they can prove rewarding ...by Daniel Rowles
  • A level playing field In the digital era, marketing effectiveness is only limited by how your company makes use of data captured on ...
  • In search of the big idea Great ideas in the world of branding don't appear out of thin air. They begin with a thorough understanding of your business strategy... by Gus Carlson
  • Get personal with customers Let technology make up for the difficulty of providing one-to-one contact for every customer, using personalisation to ensure they feel like kings... by Roger Llewellyn
  • Digital marketing: B2B versus B2C B2B marketers should take a leaf out of the e-book of B2C marketers when it comes to staying astride the digital marketing curve ... by Danny Turnbull
  • Be precise about diversity The lucrative ethnic minority market is a rich resource for marketers if they understand cultural differences and use segmentation effectively . . . by Saad Saraf
  • The cautious consumer Use data to track your customers, then use direct e-mail marketing to re-engage and remind them of why they should come back to you... by Steve Lomax
  • Small is beautiful With big brands such as Coca-Cola learning from entrepreneurial outfits such as Innocent, it's possible that the meek could inherit the earth... by Dan Collins
  • Show some respect When the going gets tough, the tough mail direct. But ensure you adopt a sensitive approach so that your carefully planned campaign... By Mark Roy
  • Words from the heart As marketers, the way you write - particularly in times of economic crisis - should be inventive, creative, persuasive and, most importantly, honest... By John Simmons
  • Impetus for change How the current economic crisis will help a new, more efficient, momentum-driven style of marketing to evolve within business... By Jean-Claude Larreche
  • Make your own rules Governments come and go, yet regulation remains and, ironically for marketers who'd like to see fewer, the answer lies in applying more self-imposed rules... By Tim Ambler
  • Webwise kids Today's kids may well be web savvy, but they are less wise to the ploys of online marketing. Both business and parents need to act more responsibly... Sally Gimson
  • Brand value Marketers looking for a fresh strategy for the coming year could do worse than try the enduring tactics of Chinese philosophy - it's working for China... By Dan Mintz
  • Cash is king Coffee is a boomtime drink - the eighties espresso, the dotcom frappuccino - it would almost be tempting fate to drink it now... By David Haigh
  • Make the most of what you've got With reports of an economic slowdown dominating the news, strategic marketing can help buck the trend. A more scientific approach to targeting and customer management can help marketers turn the prospect of a downturn into a competitive advantage... By Gareth Mitchell-Jones
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